Whether you need to capture cooling summer breezes or keep your house snug and secure against the lash of winter storms, Chase Aluminium Windows & Doors are perfect for the job.

Its exclusive profiles have modern features that recognise the realities of current building and design - as well as the sometimes harsh realities of the Hong Kong climate.

This has made it a satisfyingly complete and contemporary joinery package, one that has proved a runaway success.

Bi-Fold Windows
Horizontal Sliding Windows
Casement Windows

Chase bi-fold windows run on an easy-slide track system and allow wide opening.

They’re ideal where homeowners or designers want to capitalise on views, capture cooling summer breezes, or create a unity between indoors and outdoors.

Chase bi-folds carry the weight on a bottom roller so there is no weight pulling down the lintel and causing the panels to jam.

Configurations with even numbered panels are generally used e.g. 2 panels, 2+2 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels.


Sliding windows are ideal where serveries to the outside are required and where no projections on to busy areas are wanted. Standard options include windows with a single sliding panel or two sliding panels meeting in the middle.

A heavy duty Slidemaster version is available for demanding environments, and there is also the double slider where two panels slide past each other for greater flexibility.

A double track option allows a timber shutter outside a glass panel for privacy and sunscreen purposes.

Insect screens work well in conjunction with sliding windows so First sliders are a good option where insects are a problem and exterior mesh screens need to be fitted.

Casement windows are side opening and can catch the breeze and direct it inwards.

Like awning windows they can be used in most positions but are not recommended where windows open on to pedestrian areas.

Be careful about positioning casements that open to catch the breeze in exposed positions as they may slam wide open in strong gusts. Restrictor stays can limit the opening in these situations.

Special friction stays are available to allow wide 90 ° opening.

Bi-Fold Doors
Sliding Doors
French Doors

Bi-folding doors open up the full potential of outside living by stacking out of the way to one or both sides.

Chase bi-folds follow the same striking design as the hinged and French doors to ensure a coordinated look.

The bi-fold set can include a free-swinging hinged door for easy access without opening up the bi-folds. A hold-back device can be attached to the free swinging panel to conveniently fix it back to the next bi-fold panel.


Sliders have earned a reputation as the most versatile and economical door type for access to deck and patios. They have the advantage of offering partial opening for ventilation without the danger of slamming shut.

First sliding doors offer strength and security with substantial aluminium profiles. They achieve smooth sliding through the use of high performance rollers.

A double slider option is available which has two sliding panels within a frame - this allows the choice of which one to open.

It is a good idea to include opening sashes in sidelights for ventilation purposes.

Chase French doors mirror the good looks of the hinged and bi-fold doors.
The simple, modern look of the square-edge stiles is further enhanced by the clean overlap where the doors meet. There is no additional screw-on weather bead down the join.

French doors are ideal anywhere where wide access to decks or grounds is needed. Where partial ventilation is required windows may need to be included in sidelights or overlights.

First French doors can include sidelights, overlights, and adjacent windows.

The substantial bottom rail can be doubled in width for the true French door look.